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Bubbler System

Convert any Reservoir into a simple hydroponic system. The system works by suspending the roots of the plants in fresh oxygenated water.


  • RESERVOIR - Any water and light proof container with fairly vertical sides will be sufficient.
  • LID or Floating Platform- You will need either the lid that came with your resevoir, or you can use a piece of Styrofoam 1 1/2" to 2" thick. Cut Styrofoam to fit loosely inside the Reservoir.
  • Hydro Cups- You need hydrophonic cup containers to suspend the plants( If you are too cheap, use plastic or Styrofoam cups to hold the plants) on the floating platform.
  • GROWING MEDIUM - Best medium to use: lava rocks or Rockwool
  • AIR PUMP AND AIR STONE - Use an air pump and airstone to oxygenate the water(nutrient solution). A regular air pump designed for an aquarium is all that is required. Be sure that the Air Stone is at least half the length of the reservoir.
  • HYDROPONIC FERTILIZER - A good quality hydroponic fertilizer is neccessary. Soil fertilizers are not designed for these systems.
  • pH TEST KIT * - You will need some way of checking and adjusting the pH of your nutrient solution.


Cut the Reservoir lid or Styrofoam float to fit the reservoir Cut the holes in the float to the proper size for the plastic hydro cups that you are using, you want the bottoms of the cups to hang below the bottom of the float but not fall through.. Cut another small hole in the lid for the Air Stone tube to pass through. Place the stone inside the reservoir. If you are using plastic cups, cut several holes (aprox. 1/8" to 1/4" dia.) in the bottom. Put plastic cups into the holes in the floating platform. Insert the rooted clone or seedling into the cup supported by the growing medium of your choice. Fill the reservoir with fresh water until the cups are in contact with the water. Attach 1/4" airline to the air stone and place airstone in reservoir. Attach free end of tubing to air pump and plug in air pump to outlet, make sure that there are bubbles coming from the air stone. (NOTE: NEVER submerge the air pump in water as electrical shock could occur). Plug in the air pump and watch the magic!


Fill the reservoir with water. Mix your nutrient solution as per the instructions on the fertilizer package. Check pH and adjust accordingly. Place floating platform with the plants on top of the nutrient solution. When the plants have used up about half of the nutrient solution you can add water to bring the level back up to the desires level. Recheck pH and adjust if necessary. Change the reservoir water weekly (change the day before feeding time) to ensure freshness.