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Feeding Chemical Fertilizers

Flowering Stage

When choosing a fertilizer, be sure that you know the type you need. First you should use feed that is meant for vegetables such as tomatoes. Now you need the one for your specific goal. For floral cluster(bud) development, a higher ratio of Phosphorus(P) is neccesary. Use a fruiting feed like 15-30-15. Notice the P ratio. Other numbers are fine as long as the ratios are similar. They also contain all of the necessary micronutrients needed for this stage.

The second part of the flowering stage is the ripening/finishing stage. This is not always neccesary to have the end result, but it becomes more important the longer the flower cycle. You need a boost of potassium(K) to speed up the ripening process. Use something like 15-15-30. This is used for the latter third of the flowering process. The THC matures to its most potent using this method.