grow marijuana

Farm/Cottage Plantations

The country life surely has its benefits. Fresh air, fun in the sun, dark star filled nights, campfires, swimming, oh yes, and marijuana. Maintaining a plantation on your own property is an adventure in itself. Fun, but at times nerve racking.

Once you have located a planting site and you know the size that you need, start clearing the area. (If you are on a farm land, just plant along to the pre-designated rows)

Prepare area, dig the holes 4 -6 feet apart. The holes should be around 12-15 inches wide and 2-2.5 feet deep. For best results, use a mix of peat moss, black earth, vermiculite, perlite and Sheep Manure at a volume ratio of 3-1-1-1 consecutively. First mix the peat moss, vermiculite, perlite and black earth together thoroughly. Second, add the sheep manure evenly through the mix(do not leave any chunks of manure in the mix).

Plant your clones/seedlings centering one in each hole. Apply some pressure to the surrounding soil to be sure that the clone does not up root accidentally. Follow up with a good watering and some transplant/root fertilizer.

Maintain feeding in 7-10 day intervals. When feeding, NEVER exceed the manufacturers maximum garden rate. Allow a full 2 weeks with no feed before harvesting.