grow marijuana

Garden Growing

When planning to grow marijuana in your garden, there are a few things to consider. Are there any potential thieves that can stumble onto your garden? Is the garden out of view from all your neighbors? Will the smell be a problem during flowering? Do kids play near the area? Any animal problems such as pets or pests? Will you be planting a few or a full crop? Consider every bad senario that can arise.

The best thing about a home garden grow is that you can conceal plants. If you plant a few among your tomato plants, they will blend into the folliage like natural camoflauge. Even a full garden crop can be hidden from the eyes of others.

Soil Preparation and Planting

For best results, use a mix of peat moss, black earth, vermiculite, perlite and Sheep Manure at a volume ratio of 3-1-1-1 consecutively. First mix the peat moss, vermiculite, perlite and black earth together thoroughly. Second, add the sheep manure evenly through the mix(do not leave any chunks of manure in the mix).

If you are planting a full garden but you want to keep them short, you should only plant late in the season(mid to end july). This will cause the plants to stay short enough to not be noticed. Using this method, you can plant the babies close to eachother, allowing for more plants per area. The planting pattern should resemble a standard garden; rows of plants, no clusters!

Now, if you desire a 6 foot garden, plant at the end of May(after the last full moon) to avoid frost. These will not blend in to any garden because of the enormacy. Plant them at least three feet apart.

Feeding and Watering

The watering and feeding schedules are the key to a successful garden. Take advantage of your home garden by watering every day during the vegetation stage. Just be sure not to allow the plant roots to sit in stagnant water. Marijuana requires larger amounts of water as it increases in size, so adjust accordingly.

NPK - Never forget these elements. For feed rates, click the Feeding section in the above links.

Pests and Molds

Be sure to maintain a clean garden. Remove old dead vegetation from on and around the plants as to not encourage desease. For more concerning pests and molds, click the Problems section in the above links.