grow marijuana

Indoor Growing

Soil : Some of the main things that you need to supply plants are air, water and light energy. Two of these necessities are controlled by the growing medium. I am referring to air and water.

Hydroponics: Hydroponics, term applied to cultivation of plants in nutrient solutions without use of soil.

Aeroponics: Aeroponics is a growing method where the plant roots are suspended in the air with a fine mist of nutrient solution applied either continually or intermittently over the root surface.

Bubblers: Convert any Reservoir into a simple hydroponic system. The system works by suspending the roots of the plants in fresh oxygenated water.

Outdoor Growing

Guerilla Garden: In the quiet of the night you enter the dark forest supplies in tow, ready to embark on the adventure of the season. Time to grow.

Home Garden: The best thing about a home garden grow is that you can conceal plants. If you plant a few among your tomato plants, they will blend into the folliage like natural camoflauge. Even a full garden crop can be hidden from the eyes of others.

Farm: The country life surely has its benefits. Fresh air, fun in the sun, dark star filled nights, campfires, swimming, oh yes, and marijuana.