grow marijuana

Guerilla Garden

In the quiet of the night you enter the dark forest supplies in tow, ready to embark on the adventure of the season. Time to grow.

Stealth Mode - When searching out a spot, keep an eye out for suspicious characters around the town. They could be watching you. This is not paranoia, it is caution. Keep in mind that there are many people that would steal your stash or rat you out at their first opportunity.

Once you have located a planting site and you know the size that you need, start clearing the area. Do not clear any more than you need. Do not trample the entry path too much or thieves will find your stash. Try to be far away from all civilization.

Prepare area, dig the holes 4 -6 feet apart. The holes should be around 12-15 inches wide and 2-2.5 feet deep. For best results, use a mix of peat moss, black earth, vermiculite, perlite and Sheep Manure at a volume ratio of 3-1-1-1 consecutively. First mix the peat moss, vermiculite, perlite and black earth together thoroughly. Second, add the sheep manure evenly through the mix(do not leave any chunks of manure in the mix).

Plant your clones/seedlings centering one in each hole. Apply some pressure to the surrounding soil to be sure that the clone does not up root accidentally. Follow up with a good watering and some transplant/root fertilizer.

Maintain feeding in 7-10 day intervals. When feeding, NEVER exceed the manufacturers maximum garden rate. Allow a full 2 weeks with no feed before harvesting.